1. Experiencing the use of GoogleDoc tools - Document, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint - through collaborative activities
2. Advantages and Limitations
3. Leveraging the tools for Teaching and Learning
Hands-on... for those who would like to learn to...
Incorporate GoogleDoc into blogs as hyperlink & as an embedded object

Activity 1: Collaborating through GoogleDoc (Document & PowerPoint)

Note: You are going to carry out this activity with your fingers talking only...

You are going to read an email where "Rules of Netiquette" have been broken. You will also spot the non-standard forms used in spelling and punctuation.

As a group,

Part 1
  • Leader - Click HERE to download the email and share it out with your group members.
  • Use features like comments, colour text, etc.. to mark out areas that you think where the "Rules of Netiquette" has broken and edit text where words are mis-spelled. You would also make suggestions how to re-word the sentence or part of the sentence.
  • Remember: Everyone in the team must leave your 'digital footprint' in the document!
  • A representative of the group will "publish" the document and post the hyperlink in this blog. [Note: You have been invited to co-author this blog]
Part 2

  • Discuss... What are some good pointers for students to remember, to practise good netiquette when sending email? List down about 8-10 pointers.
  • Present the pointers in a PowerPoint - with appropriate elaboration/images.
  • On the cover page, give a Title to the presentation slides. Include names of your members, too.
  • Delegate the last slide to acknowledge the resources used or referred to for this presentation.
  • Remember: Everyone in the team must work contribute at least an item on the slide... Do not delegate one person to complete the slides then upload.
  • A representative of the group will "publish" the powerpoint presentation and embed the powerpoint presentation in this blog (in the same post from Part 1 of the activity).

Activity 2: "Arty" Spreadsheet

In groups of 2-3, you are going to collaborate and come up with an piece of digital art!
  • Decide on an object or a scene (not too complicated)
  • You are going to create this object/scene on a spreadsheet - you will have to resize the cells (e.g. make the columns narrower), fill the cells with different colours or even draw borders!
  • Remember: Use the tools in the spreadsheet! Do not import any image!
  • A representative of the group will "publish" the spreadsheet and post the hyperlink in this blog. [Note: You have been invited to co-author this blog]

Activity 1 Part 2 (by Lam & Johari)

This is ELJ doc http://docs.google.com/a/sst.edu.sg/Presentation?id=ddjmdb38_0z3ttnndx

Activity 1 Part 1: From Jo, Eunice, Lam


Activity 1 Part 1: Edited doc from Kim Hong, Jennifer and Glenn

Here's our edited copy at http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=ddmrfs9f_0c834nrhb

Takeaway for the Session

3 things... that really interest you
2 things... you would like to know more
1 thing... 1 good idea from this session

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Follow-up: Generating Lesson Ideas

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Resources for Session 3

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